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The truth, nothing but the truth

CAPE TOWN/SOUTH AFRICA, 10JUN2009 -Jacob Zuma,...

Ek issie ooit guilty gevind nie. Behalwe met die Shaik ding maar ek wassie innie hoffie. | news | sa news | ‘You are morally corrupt’.

Dear Mr. Zuma,

Excuse me for the casual way in which I address you, but I just can’t bring myself to call you President Zuma until such time as you begin to act like one in the matters surrounding Julius Malema and many other current issues. This letter to you is just a way for me to convey my concerns, frustrations and conclusions I draw as a youngish white English-speaking South African male who, contrary to what you may think, holds only one passport. Just like my real South African white Afrikaans brethren, I too am not going anywhere and hence I keep an eye on the news and often find myself wondering how we have come to this point in South Africa.

I have a problem when an individual such as Julius Malema can live the lifestyle he does on the income he declares. I guess there is nothing new in this concern, as he has been doing it for a while now, and it has been pointed out by many in recent days.

What really concerns me though is the way that an individual who becomes the leader of the ANCYL (let’s not forget that it is a division of the ANC) can become so wealthy so quickly. Given his level of education, one may be pushed to see how this is possible were it not for dealings that are not entirely above board. I am not simple, so his harping on about being “poor but creditworthy” really does not fool me. Nobody is that creditworthy. The man is obviously up to his elbows in cash and loving it. Every person is of course entitled to earn a living, but when they clearly earn significant amounts of money by doing what would seem to be very little at all, one wonders how they come by this wealth.

Let’s assume for a minute that Julius is not guilty of any crime. If this is the case, why can he simply not divulge the source of his extensive wealth? We can all go on with our lives safe in the knowledge that the head of the ANC Youth League is on the straight and narrow, that he earns an honest wage, and that the president of our country is not commenting as there really is no need. If this wonderful trust fund of his is used for philanthropy, why can he not show the public the work being done and the flow of money into the fund and to the benefactors? If this trust fund is receiving money for all this wonderful charitable work from above-board sources, why can these not belisted? Surely they’d be honoured? I would be! | news | sa news | ‘You are morally corrupt’.

Lekker om iemand tee te komwat bereid is om vir die bandiet wat party mense die president noem, te vertel wat hy dink. Gevaarlik, maar ook so as jy in die pad af stap.  Gee hom hel ouboet.


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